“In Whatever” A Sonic Exploration by Bad Bubble

Bad Bubble, a solo artist with a multifaceted musical palette, delivers an intriguing sonic journey with the original single “In Whatever.” The artist, proficient in synths, keyboards, guitar, programming, vocals, and bass, brings a unique blend of synthpop influences to the forefront. The music draws from a myriad of inspirations, creating a sound that is both innovative and captivating. Having played in numerous live recordings on YouTube and securing spots on various radio platforms, Bad Bubble’s musical prowess is well-established. An interesting anecdote surfaces around the artist’s most streamed song, “This is for Kori,” with over 13k streams. Serendipity played a role when an audio engineer glitch led to a track exchange, resulting in the creation of a streaming phenomenon.

Bad Bubble

Bad Bubble’s ethos revolves around the personal connection to music, paying homage to the artist’s mother who played the piano. The single “Alone,” a poignant exploration of solitude and internal struggles, encapsulates the emotional depth present in Bad Bubble’s work. The artist’s commitment to a traditional and organic approach to instrumentation, devoid of software reliance, adds authenticity to the creative process. A notable aspect of the production is the artist’s prolific output, with 160 songs and 16 albums written in a concentrated three-month period. The commitment to a relentless creative flow, fueled by personal experiences and night terrors, unveils the depth and intensity behind Bad Bubble’s musical expression.

In the words of the artist, “Playlists are the single most terrible thing that has happened to music in history.” This statement underscores the belief that music should be more than a background accompaniment, urging listeners to delve into the intricacies of each composition. “In Whatever” stands as a testament to Bad Bubble’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration and personal storytelling.

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