Blueprint Tokyo Breathes New Life with “Take My Breath”

Blueprint Tokyo breathes fresh air into the music scene with their latest single, “Take My Breath,” set to be released on November 15, 2023. In an era saturated with generic sounds, this track stands out, weaving together hooks and melodies that are a rare find in contemporary music. The Oklahoma City-based duo, comprised of Kevin Dawson and Andy Hale, delivers an upbeat melodic earworm that captivates from the first note.


The song revolves around the universal theme of navigating the complexities of relationships as individuals evolve and mature. Wrapped in a catchy, hook-filled wrapper, “Take My Breath” is a testament to Blueprint Tokyo’s songwriting prowess. What sets this track apart is the inclusion of the saxophone, a musical element that not only complements but elevates the overall sound. Andy Hale emphasizes, “The sax really helps to elevate the sound and add a texture that you just don’t hear as much anymore.”

For Blueprint Tokyo, this single is not just a standalone release but a glimpse into their evolving musical journey. Kevin Dawson shares, “Our songs and new EP are all about taking chances, expanding our skills as songwriters, and looking for inspiration around us.” As the final single for 2023, “Take My Breath” sets the stage for the anticipation of Blueprint Tokyo’s upcoming EP in 2024, promising more musical exploration and a road ahead filled with possibilities.

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