“Drinks” Trench Coast’s Sonic Odyssey Through Eclectic Realms

Trench Coast’s inaugural album, “Drinks,” is a kaleidoscopic musical journey that transcends traditional genre boundaries, introducing listeners to an eclectic blend of sonic landscapes. Released at the onset of 2023 with the lead single “Television,” Trench Coast, hailing from the vibrant music scene in Berlin, unveils a unique sonic identity fusing gloomy electronics, indietronica, wave, and ambient elements.


As one half of the former synth-wave duo “Trains on Fire,” Trench Coast brings a wealth of musical experience to the table. The artist’s sonic evolution is evident in the debut album, showcasing a departure from the synth-wave roots and an exploration of new sonic territories. The album’s sonic palette is rich and diverse, weaving spheric synth and sample artifacts into the fabric of abstract electronica. Dreamy Mustang and Telecaster lines, coupled with carefully chosen vocals, add layers of complexity and depth to the overall composition. The debut single “Television” served as an enticing preview, setting the stage for the immersive auditory experience that “Drinks” delivers.

Having previously contributed a remix of the track “Cool Edit” for the “Heeded Fazes” remix album by Qrauer, Trench Coast’s commitment to original material shines through in “Drinks.” The nine-track collection, meticulously crafted over three years, is a testament to Trench Coast’s dedication to creating a distinctive and unconventional auditory adventure.Scheduled for release on December 1st through plusplus, “Drinks” promises to be a sonic revelation, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the enigmatic world of Trench Coast’s musical storytelling. The album marks a significant chapter in Trench Coast’s artistic journey, beckoning music enthusiasts to savor the nuanced fusion of genres and influences that define this groundbreaking debut.

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