“I Break”, A Raw Dive into the Depths of Depression

“I Break” isn’t just a song; it’s a visceral journey through the hearts of the depressed, the vulnerable, and those who’ve felt entirely powerless. With empathy and a powerful form of self-expression, it offers solace to anyone who’s grappled with the crippling weight of depression and various mental health disorders.


Clare Easdown and Jeremy Burns form the heart of this musical endeavor. Their synergy began on Instagram, and their influences range from the ethereal sounds of Grimes and FKA Twigs to the emotive resonance of CHVRCHES and INIKO. While stages like FBI Radio and Valley FM have borne witness to their talent, there’s an intimate touch to their music as well. Clare takes her music to the streets, busking in her local town. Reviewers have been astounded by the warmth that permeates through their electronic compositions. The single, recorded between Sydney and Newcastle, was masterfully produced by Jeremy Burns.

“I Break” is a testament to the crushing weight of depression, a personal narrative that Clare channels through her music. Emerging from a dark spell of her own, this song became her lifeline. In Clare’s words, ” ‘I Break’ hits hard and deep, taking the listener on a deep journey through the eyes and hearts of the depressed. This brooding track offers a pathway and sense of hope to be able to express the dark lows, be heard, seen and felt.” This isn’t just music; it’s a lifeline for those who need it most.

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