“Airborne”, A Dreamy Descent into Reality

“Airborne” takes you on a cinematic journey, painting a vivid picture of a desert landscape and an ivory tower where some seem detached from reality. Carpe Diem, a dynamic duo with Keith on guitar and Ada on vocals, masterfully craft a musical narrative that questions whether those in their ivory towers are truly asleep or merely evading harsh truths.


Influenced by the Cranberries, Carpe Diem’s music resonates with a narrative and poetic quality, delving into the profound mysteries of life. Their gigs range from intimate venues like Fringe Club to bustling malls and cafes, sharing their evocative music with diverse audiences. Recorded at Yeah Studio in Hong Kong, “Airborne” features an ensemble of talented musicians. Keith’s mentor, Eric Mo, a revered figure in Hong Kong’s music scene, contributed a mesmerizing guitar solo that adds a special touch to the track.

The song’s musical journey begins with major chords and the laughter of carefree children, creating an idyllic atmosphere. As minor chords take over, an uneasy yet captivating vibe permeates the track. Ada’s vocals, dreamy and ethereal, seem to float among the clouds, delivering a poignant message to those lost in their reverie. “Airborne” is an invitation to seize the day, urging listeners to confront the realities they may be avoiding. Carpe Diem’s music serves as a bridge between dreams and reality, offering a powerful message wrapped in a musical reverie.

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