Sharl Shines Bright with ‘All You Want’

In the realm of pop, Sharl emerges as a luminary, having previously been signed to a UK indie label before making a triumphant return as an independent artist in 2022. Heralded by CLOUT as an “Asian-Australian pop upstart,” Sharl swiftly established herself as a consistently outstanding talent, crafting a sound that marries familiar pop sensibilities with her distinctive style.


Her prowess as a songwriter garnered recognition in the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition, and her music has received enthusiastic acclaim from various independent blogs, along with airplay on community radio. A standout moment in her music journey was gracing the main stage at the Virgin Australia AFL Footy Festival in September. With her upcoming second studio album, ‘Clichés,’ slated for release in November 2023, Sharl unveils ‘All You Want’ as the latest single. Assertive and confident, the track lays it all out for a lover who can’t seem to get enough. Sharl expertly weaves elements of house, disco, and electropop, seamlessly blending rap verses with infectious melodies.

Through her lyrics, Sharl spins tales of love and life’s rollercoaster, revealing a core of resilience and authenticity. Her music, characterized by captivating melodies and heartfelt vocals set against a backdrop of infectious electropop beats, paints the portrait of an indie pop princess on the ascent. Following the success of her debut album ‘City Lights,’ Sharl garnered attention from Australian radio, international music blogs, and playlist curators.

With her sophomore album ‘Clichés,’ Sharl fearlessly evolves her sound, infusing electropop with influences from K-pop, delivering a record that’s bold and fresh. Through ten unforgettable tracks, she provides pure escapism, delving into the intricate facets of love with unwavering intensity. The anticipation for ‘Clichés’ is palpable, as Sharl readies to make her mark once again on the global pop landscape.

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