“Hot Spoon, Cold Mango” A Sonic Odyssey Beyond Reality

Dive into the surreal auditory landscapes of “Hot Spoon, Cold Mango,” the latest avant-garde creation by Paws on Ears, a musical venture led by the mysterious Stephen Meeker. This album is not merely a collection of songs; it’s a revolutionary sound experience that defies traditional genres, inviting listeners into a world where sound becomes a vehicle for visual hallucinations.


Stephen Meeker, the sonic alchemist behind Paws on Ears, seamlessly blends classical influences with technical wizardry to craft a sonic journey that mirrors the diverse perspectives of his daily life. From the intriguingly named “Je ne parle pas francais” to the contemplative “The Statistician’s Melancholic Marching Band,” each track offers a unique portal into Meeker’s imaginative universe. Recorded within the confines of a room overlooking a rabbit burrow, the production of “Hot Spoon, Cold Mango” reflects Meeker’s commitment to his craft. Beyond the music, an amusing anecdote about a wedding officiated by a dog adds a whimsical touch to the album’s creation.

This isn’t just an album; it’s an echo of Meeker’s ephemeral existence, a glimpse into a parallel reality captured through intricate soundscapes. As Meeker himself eloquently puts it, “I am an echo of light refraction fragments trapped between parallel mirrors. If only you could see me disappear, I would know I was at least seen once before I died by another living being.” “Hot Spoon, Cold Mango” is an invitation to embark on an unparalleled auditory odyssey—a testament to the boundless possibilities of sound.

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