“self titled” – An Audacious Sonic Adventure by WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever!!!!!

In the wild realm of experimental screamo, Australian duo WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever!!!!! emerges with their latest album, the aptly named “self titled.” Comprising Sholto on screaming and assistant production, along with Jude on singing, primary production, and guitar, the duo dives headfirst into a sonic journey that defies traditional boundaries.


Describing their music as “incredibly loud noisy weird,” the album embodies the spirit of audacious experimentation. The band’s ethos, succinctly put as “fuck it, we ball,” permeates each track. The album reflects a breakthrough for the duo, capturing the essence of their unique sound and surpassing previous endeavors. Highlighted by tracks like “gug,” inspired by a healthy breakup and the challenges of crafting a breakup song when maintaining friendship, and the opener that satirizes the mental health impact of social media, “self titled” delves into teenage angst and societal reflections.

Recorded primarily in their rooms with occasional forays into Sholto’s space, the album bears witness to their DIY approach. Noteworthy is their struggle with file management, leading to amusing moments of misplaced songs miraculously rediscovered under quirky filenames like “grungus song EVIL.” In the cacophony of genres, WeWillLookBackAtYouAndLoveYouForever!!!!! stands as a testament to uninhibited creative desire and raw emotion. “self titled” isn’t just an album; it’s a rebellious sonic adventure crafted by two queer Aussie teens unafraid to venture into uncharted musical territories.

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