Heart’s Fare Meraki Trice’s Surreal Sonic Odyssey Through Desire and Liberation

In the dimly lit corridors of contemporary music, Meraki Trice emerges as a non-binary, LGBTQ artist challenging the norms and crafting an extraordinary sonic tapestry that seamlessly weaves classic soul, pop, and hip-hop nuances. Their latest project, ‘Heart’s Fare,’ is not merely an album; it’s an 11-track Freudian slip, delving deep into the enigmatic realms of love, desire, and attraction.


Meraki Trice’s musical alchemy is a testament to authenticity and emotional universality. Each note, each lyric, invites listeners on a profound journey through the intricacies of the soul. Embarking on this auditory horror story, ‘Heart’s Fare’ crescendos with warm Rnb and soul refrains, culminating in funky climaxes that linger in the mind. Recorded in the artistic haven of Mexico City, the album’s production involved a collaboration of talents. Patrick Mitchel served as a vocal coach, TommyPapi handled the final mix, and Diandra Rivera contributed to the lead single, “Red Velvet Jacket.” Featured artists Aaron Aguilar and Emilio Baxter enriched the album with their compositions.

“Posin Ivy” explores the allure of detrimental attractions, while “You’ll Regret Me” is a dark ballad of self-love and finality. “Violet Solitude” delves into the anxiety of opening up after past hurts, and “Red Velvet Jacket” celebrates sexual liberation. ‘Heart’s Fare’ is a cinematic journey through the intricate dance of desire, brilliantly orchestrated by Meraki Trice. In the words of the artist, ‘Heart’s Fare’ is “Sexy, Surreal, and Haunting.” This album not only defies musical conventions but immerses the listener in a world where every melody and lyric resonates with the profound complexities of the human experience. Meraki Trice has not just created music; they’ve crafted an ethereal masterpiece that beckons, captivates, and leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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