Huracán Unleashed Outerloop’s Sonic Storm of Post-Punk Fury

Outerloop, the powerhouse post-punk sensation hailing from Washington D.C., is about to unleash their latest sonic storm with the upcoming release of “Huracán.” Fueled by the dynamic duo of vocalist Taisha Estrada and guitarist Don Potter, this band has become synonymous with high-octane live performances and genre-bending songcraft. Their musical journey, recognized by accolades such as the 2023 Wammie for ‘best hard rock/punk song’ for “Just Behave,” is a testament to their angular songwriting and captivating energy. NPR Music acknowledged Outerloop’s submission to the 2022 Tiny Desk Contest as “an uptempo track that would easily entertain a music festival crowd,” earning them an in-studio interview on WAMU and a coveted spot on the Tiny Desk On the Road tour.


Outerloop’s discography, including the genre-defying ‘EP 01’ and the self-titled full-length LP, has received acclaim for its complex musical tapestry. Their music, described as a “stunning musical picture” by Prism Reviews, reflects the band’s commitment to pushing boundaries. Now, “Huracán” is set to make waves, featuring additional layers of guitar and vocal overdubs that expand the band’s signature sound. The bilingual track explores the poignant theme of displacement in Puerto Rico, highlighting the struggles of communities facing forced eviction for the benefit of developers.

With powerful vocals, spiky guitars, and intricate time signature shifts, “Huracán” introduces Outerloop’s newest members, bassist Erik Sleight, and drummer Marty Reisemberg, providing a sturdy rhythmic foundation. The song, recorded at Kreeger Studio and mastered by Jamal Ruhe, is a powerful commentary on injustice and neglect. As Outerloop celebrates this release, they embark on a three-day ‘mini-tour,’ promising a series of shows that will undoubtedly match the intensity and passion embedded in their music. This band is not just making music; they are crafting sonic experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on the post-punk landscape.

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