FERN’s Sonic Odyssey A Journey of Self-Discovery and Collaborative Creativity

FERN, the musical alter ego of a once-shy artist hailing from the marshlands of Dorchester County, Maryland, has not just emerged but exploded onto the musical scene, proving to be a formidable force. Now rooted in northern Virginia, FERN’s music embodies a personal odyssey of self-discovery, fearlessly embracing a unique path through the diverse landscapes of rock.


The eclectic influences shaping FERN’s sonic palette extend far beyond the boundaries of classic rock. Drawing inspiration from indie rock legends like Jack White, the raw vigor of The Black Keys, the unpredictability of Cage the Elephant, the haunting allure of Queens of the Stone Age, and the genre-blurring vibes of Grouplove and Hippo Campus, FERN’s musical landscape is as diverse as his journey. In his latest project, featuring the single “Alone” and three subsequent tracks, FERN opens the doors wide to collaboration and inclusivity. The assistance of two remarkable talents, Tyler Schaffer, a skilled engineer from northern Virginia, and Alan Calpo, the mastermind behind Rough Hands, has been nothing short of transformative. Beyond contributing their musical prowess, Tyler and Alan have become integral friends in FERN’s artistic journey since his relocation to the area.

Originally conceptualized as a solo endeavor, FERN quickly recognized his limitations, particularly in drumming and screaming. This realization led to a game-changing collaboration with Alan and Tyler, resulting in a sonic metamorphosis marked by pulsating drum beats and spine-tingling punk and death screams. The standout track, “Alone,” showcases Alan’s drumming and vocal prowess, Tyler’s masterful bass handling, and FERN’s command of guitars and vocals. Jes Schauber, an engineer from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, added a captivating touch to the project with an enthralling interlude. FERN is not a conventional solo project or a typical band; it’s an evolving concept and a collective effort. Beyond the realm of music creation, FERN’s journey transcends into self-exploration, a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, and a tribute to the uncharted territories of northern Virginia’s dynamic music scene. In FERN’s world, the music is not just heard; it’s experienced as a sonic odyssey that resonates with the spirit of fearless experimentation and artistic evolution.

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