Get Rich Quick, A Gritty Overture of Lyricism and Beats

Rich G and Suspenceful’s debut project is a tour de force of lyrical prowess and gritty boombap beats, showcasing a seamless collaboration between rapper Rich G and producer Suspenceful. Drawing on a decade-long camaraderie, the duo delivers a project brimming with wordplay and astute lyricism.Influenced by a diverse spectrum of artists, including Royce Da 59, Mac Miller, and J. Cole, Rich G and Suspenceful infuse their music with a rich tapestry of styles. Their venture, Augmented, extends beyond music, embodying a lifestyle and entertainment brand, promising exciting releases in both clothing and music creation software.


Recorded in Upstate NY at Suspenceful Recordings, the album is a testament to their combined efforts. Suspenceful takes the reins in production, mixing, mastering, and engineering, while Rich G provides the potent lyrics and vocals. The project, aptly titled “Get Rich Quick,” not only serves as a swift introduction to Rich G’s artistry but also offers invaluable financial insights, drawing from his personal journey from adversity to prosperity. Each track serves as a vignette into Rich G’s life. “Geekin'” paints a vivid picture of his high school days, hustling to make ends meet. “Sycophants” provides a window into his current state of mind, while “Money Soldiers” and “Passive” offer sage advice on wealth-building strategies. “Pro Grammar” sets the stage for Rich G’s evolution from various professions to music, while “Sentimental” serves as a potent industry critique.

As Rich G aptly puts it, “If you want to Get Rich Quick and be like me, listen to the album. Paying attention will return dividends.” This debut project is a testament to their dedication, offering a compelling auditory experience that transcends mere entertainment. It’s an insightful journey through life’s challenges and triumphs, delivered with finesse and authenticity.

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