MIDI Kittyy’s “Ignis (Future House Remix)” A Sonic Journey Through Pandemic Reflections

MIDI Kittyy, the brainchild of singer-songwriter and electronic music producer Eliza Andrews, unveils the dynamic “Ignis (Future House Remix),” a compelling reimagining of her debut single. This dance-infused rendition delves into the complexities of mental conflict, painting a vivid portrait of the relentless struggle against stagnation and the arduous journey of navigating unchanging circumstances.


The original version of “Ignis” serves as a poignant exploration of mental health trials, capturing the sensation of being ensnared in life’s unyielding landscape. Both iterations of the song encapsulate the all-too-familiar feeling of treading water in life, sometimes devoid of hope but rich with introspection.The remix of “Ignis” presents an evocative future house composition that immerses listeners in the emotional complexities of pandemic-induced trials. It echoes the strength born from desperation amid isolation, weaving a narrative of survival in the face of adversity. MIDI Kittyy’s ability to convey intricate emotions through sound shines through as both a songwriter and producer.

A Berklee College of Music graduate in electronic music production, Eliza draws from a mosaic of influences, synthesizing global experiences into her musical fabric. This synthesis births an enthralling sound resonating deeply with audiences worldwide.The future house remix of “Ignis” marks a milestone in MIDI Kittyy’s creative journey, offering a new lens to human emotion portrayed through danceable rhythms. This release underscores MIDI Kittyy’s prowess in redefining genres and promises to strike a chord with enthusiasts seeking diverse portrayals of the human experience.

In a world still grappling with the pandemic’s aftermath, MIDI Kittyy’s mission is to invite listeners into an enchanting and cathartic journey through the landscape of transformation. Experience the mesmerizing musical narrative of MIDI Kittyy, where “Ignis (Future House Remix)” is a tribute to the past and a celebration of our collective unfolding future. All of MIDI Kittyy’s captivating creations are available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.

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