Generations Unplugged James and Paul Brown’s Energetic Single Shines

“Father-son duo James and Paul Brown deliver a spirited punch with their latest single. The track boasts a dynamic blend of rock and catchy harmonies, highlighting James’ vocal prowess. With influences ranging from Muse to Simon & Garfunkel, the duo crafts a unique sound that’s both familiar and fresh. Their previous successes on Amazing Radio and indie charts underscore their growing recognition, with ‘Blinded’ hitting number 7 on N1M. In the studio, a gymnastics mishap didn’t deter James from laying down a track, showcasing their dedication.


Their last album ‘Abula Rasa’ garnered praise from Rocker Magazine, predicting a bright future for the talented pair. Recorded at Blast Studios in Newcastle, the single’s production owes much to the skillful engineering of Ollie. The song’s evolution from a slow melody to a spirited, Green Day-esque anthem speaks to their artistic vision.

The theme of aging permeates the song, offering a reflective perspective. Notable in the production process was Ollie’s bold choice to introduce the drums with a fade-in, a decision ultimately embraced by the duo. James, a gym owner and personal trainer, brings a formidable presence to the stage, despite his modesty. The release stands as a testament to their musical prowess and the promise of more to come.”

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