Resilient Beats, Aly G’s ‘Build It Up’ Takes on Gentrification

Aly G, the vibrant Brooklyn rapper, comes out swinging with her debut single and video, ‘Build It Up’. This infectious electro-rap anthem doesn’t just entertain; it addresses the pressing issue of urban renewal, a topic close to the heart of any New Yorker. Aly G’s lyrics are razor-sharp, her delivery rapid-fire, and her observations, both comedic and socially conscious, hit the mark. The video is a tour de force, shot in the very neighborhoods Aly G calls home. Every frame is a testament to her love for Brooklyn and her determination to stand against gentrification. Her message is clear: the external may change, but the spirit of Brooklyn will endure.


Aly G, the alter ego of Alyson Greenfield, brings a unique blend of fun, feminism, and fierceness to her rhymes. Hailing from Ohio, she discovered her knack for freestyling in college. After a transformative night in a hip hop club, Aly G was born, incorporating beatboxing and paying homage to 90s rap classics. Her influences, including Lauryn Hill and Saul Williams, shine through in her vibrant, genre-blending tracks. Notably, her rendition of ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ and ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ showcases her prowess and innovation.

Aly G is more than a rapper; she’s a force of nature. Her music, featured on major platforms, has earned her well-deserved recognition. Her creative endeavors extend beyond the mic, as she’s one half of the acclaimed duo, POLYVOX, and the founder of NYC’s Tinderbox Music Festival. ‘Build It Up’ is a rallying cry against gentrification, a pulsating anthem for Brooklyn and its resilient spirit. Aly G’s future endeavors, including collaborations with top-tier producers, promise to be nothing short of extraordinary. Her music isn’t just a beat; it’s a movement.

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