Dania O. Tausen Unleashes Mesmerizing Double Album “ja/nei og restin av vikuni”

Faroese singer-songwriter Dania O. Tausen has just dropped her highly anticipated double album, “ja/nei og restin av vikuni” (yes/no – and the rest of the week), available now via Tutl Records. Following the successful EP release of “ja” in July, listeners can now fully immerse themselves in this musical journey, accessible in digital, CD, and vinyl formats.


Penned and performed in her native Faroese, “ja / nei – og restin av vikuni” marks Dania O. Tausen’s second studio effort. It’s a heartfelt exploration of the ordinary facets of life— from everyday tasks like shopping and working to deep reflections on the absurdity of reality, the integration of electronics in nature, unconsciousness, toxicity, and the art of making pivotal decisions. The album is ingeniously divided into two halves: the ‘yes-side’ and the ‘no-side’, mirroring the multifaceted nature of existence. The ‘yes-side’ captures the affirmative essence of the human psyche, adept at recognizing when the mind plays tricks. It advocates for healthy patterns, encouraging us to cherish the goodness within and around us and to find solace in life’s simplest joys. This side is resolute, shedding unnecessary baggage to embrace life in its entirety.

Conversely, the ‘no-side’ delves into the darker, often concealed recesses of our thoughts. It confronts racing thoughts, obsession, exhaustion, impatience, and uncertainty. By bringing these private struggles to light, Dania transforms them into invaluable lessons and fresh beginnings. This side urges us to let go, reminding us that it’s okay to stumble and granting us the freedom to simply be. Teaming up with the multi-talented Benjamin Djurhuus, who serves as both producer and multi-instrumentalist, Dania O. Tausen continues to craft her musical narrative. This time around, they invited the talented songwriter and musician Ragnar Finsson (Horrse, Raske Drenge) to join them on this transformative journey. Dania O. Tausen’s debut album, “gonguteigatúnatos” (crosswalktalks), received widespread acclaim for its unique and experimental approach, blending insightful lyrics with enchanting melodies and harmonies. With her new album now available, Dania promises a new era of music that speaks to the heart of the people. Embrace the journey, as “ja/nei og restin av vikuni” promises to be an auditory experience like no other.

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