Synthwave Metal, Slatz’s Audacious Fusion of Nostalgia and Aggression

In recent years, the synthwave genre has undergone a powerful resurgence, sweeping across the global music scene with its blend of nostalgic resonance and futuristic reverie. Slatz, known for his unyielding metalcore roots, dives headfirst into this wave, infusing his distinctive sound with an audacious new dimension. The outcome is nothing short of astonishing – a seamless marriage of evocative synthwave melodies and the unrelenting riffs that define Slatz’s musical identity.


Slatz’s adventurous spirit in musical exploration has already left an indelible mark on the industry. Collaborating with heavyweights in the metal and trap metal scenes, he’s teamed up with luminaries like Tanner Wayne from In Flames, Dropout Kings’ Adam Ramey, J-Figure of The Weight of Silence, and currently, he draws inspiration and guidance from the revered Billy Graziadei of Biohazard.

The alchemy of collaboration fuels Slatz’s creative fire, allowing him to transcend the confines of his own sonic universe. Each partnership becomes an opportunity for musical experimentation, a voyage into uncharted territories that would remain unexplored if he ventured solo. Slatz’s latest offering, “Synthwave Metal,” is poised to set a new standard. This track is a testament to his artistry and his willingness to push the boundaries of musical genres. With mentorship from the legendary Billy Graziadei, Slatz continues to redefine musical frontiers.

The music video is a visual feast, bathed in neon hues and pulsing with retro-futuristic imagery that beautifully complements the genre fusion. As the hypnotic synthwave visuals unfold, you’re transported to a realm of nostalgic dreams and futuristic aspirations. From the very first note, you’re entranced. The ethereal synthwave lures you in before plunging you into the heart-pounding riffs and visceral energy that Slatz is renowned for. The juxtaposition between dreamlike nostalgia and the raw intensity of metalcore creates an electrifying emotional rollercoaster, leaving you both awe-inspired and hungry for more. “Synthwave Metal.” Brace yourself for a sonic odyssey where past and future collide in a symphony of sound and vision. Slatz has orchestrated a harmonious revolution, and it demands your attention.

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