Bill Abernathy’s ‘MORE’ A Resonant Journey Beyond Boundaries

Bill Abernathy, the seasoned Singer-Songwriter known for his 2018 chart-topper “Crossing Willow Creek,” makes a striking return with his latest full-length album, “MORE.” Released on September 29, 2023, this album stands as a testament to Abernathy’s extraordinary songwriting and storytelling prowess.

Bill Abernathy

Building on the success of previous hits like “Goodbye Will Never Come Again” and “Cry Wolf,” Abernathy’s “MORE” has been eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. The lead single, “Hide Away,” has already soared into the Top 25 of the National Radio Hits AC40 chart, setting the stage for an exceptional musical experience. Distributed by MTS Records, the album is a collection of emotionally charged tracks that strike a deep chord with listeners. From the captivating title track “MORE” to the profoundly reflective hit single “Hide Away,” Abernathy’s commanding vocals and heartfelt lyrics promise to leave an indelible mark on audiences.

Born in a condemned hospital in Kansas City, Bill Abernathy has consistently defied conventions, a journey that reverberates through his music. His previous album, “Crossing Willow Creek,” garnered millions of global streams and earned him recognition as a Song of the Year finalist. With “MORE,” Bill Abernathy solidifies his position as a distinguished Singer-Songwriter and establishes himself as a cherished artist among music enthusiasts worldwide. The album, now available, invites listeners on a transformative musical odyssey, showcasing the profound impact of Abernathy’s resounding notes.

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