ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS Take Us on a Timeless Journey with “About Love”

“About Love,” the second track on the album “NO SWEETS FOR E.,” is a poignant tale of passion and loss, exploring the realms of regret and a love that remains forever unrealized. The song is a nostalgic nod to the late sixties, with harmonies reminiscent of the Kinks rather than the Beatles. These artists demonstrate a profound understanding of the principle “Less is More,” showcasing mastery in controlling the audience’s emotions and energy levels. A standout element is the subtle choice of the organ sound in the background, a brilliant touch in music production, noted and praised by Hamza Sharkas of RockerMagazine on May 22, 2011.


ALIEN FRIEND, the solo project of the musician who once played guitar and sang in the Swedish band REDOON, takes center stage in “ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS.” Co-produced by the legendary David Myhr of the Merrymakers, the album, released in May 2023, encapsulates elements of power pop, folk, and indie rock. Despite the songs being rooted in the musical soil of the sixties and seventies, there’s an absence of nostalgia. The lyrics are contemporary, honest, sometimes ironic, and always heartfelt. The musical journey involves a collaborative effort with a diverse group of musicians, including the talented David Myhr, who plays multiple instruments and shares lead vocals on some tracks. Noteworthy contributors from REDMOON include Daniel Lagerlöf, Ake Lindgren, and Johan Lundström.

“About Love” stands as a pop-oriented rock ballad with a timeless vibe, transporting listeners to the heart of the late sixties or early seventies. It beautifully encapsulates the essence of love, loss, and the inevitable passage of time, making it a compelling addition to the musical narrative presented by ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS.

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