Dive into the Enchanting Soundscape of Under Delusion’s ‘Burning Under Water


Prepare to be entranced by the captivating sounds of Under Delusion as they unveil their latest single, “Burning Under Water.” This musical masterpiece weaves together modern synths, guitars, and a distinctive female voice, creating an auditory experience that is truly one-of-a-kind. With every note, the song transports listeners to an alternate reality, immersing them in an intriguing cinematic atmosphere that’s bound to leave an indelible mark.


The inspiration behind “Burning Under Water” emerged from a near-death encounter at a staggering depth of 30 meters in the vast Pacific Ocean. The song encapsulates the agony of navigating through challenging times, a universal emotion that resonates with all. The poignant lyrics, conceived in a matter of moments, were then submerged amidst a sea of notes for two long years. Through a twist of fate, they resurfaced, compelling the band to share their raw emotions with the world.

Serving as the fourth single from Under Delusion’s eagerly awaited second album, “Burning Under Water” follows in the wake of three prior releases that have collectively garnered over a million streams. A glimpse into the forthcoming album promises a musical odyssey that fans won’t want to miss.

Step into the immersive world of Under Delusion by experiencing “Burning Under Water,” now available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of their highly anticipated second album.

Under Delusion stands as a synth-rock phenomenon, renowned for their ingenious fusion of synths, guitars, and captivating vocals led by an exceptional female voice. Their musical artistry weaves intricate narratives, transporting listeners to realms both extraordinary and familiar. Through their melodies, Under Delusion aims to forge profound connections with audiences, stirring memories and emotions that linger long after the music has ceased.

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