Unveiling the Quirky and Mesmerizing World of Nerdhappy’s ‘15913’

Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure like no other as Nerdhappy takes us on a journey through the whimsical and unconventional universe of their album “15913”. What began as a series of simple songs with a consistent kick drum transformed into an enchanting blend of tracks that push boundaries and embrace the weird. From “Bossk Dreams,” an intergalactic bounty hunter’s tale, to “Be Yourself, Tamiko,” where a Japanese Sea God intervenes in playground dynamics, each song tells a unique story that defies convention.


At the heart of Nerdhappy’s music lies Brian WF Tobin, the visionary behind every aspect of the project. Drawing inspiration from legends like Depeche Mode and contemporary artists such as Daft Punk and Odesza, Tobin’s soundscapes blend electronic beats with inventive narratives.


The album’s title, “15913,” is a nod to the rhythmic pattern of hitting the kick drum on the 1, 5, 9, and 13 beats—a foundation that led to the album’s unconventional exploration. The quirky themes of hope versus doubt infiltrate each track, resulting in a mesmerizing collection that defies genre constraints.

In a process that saw Tobin self-producing the album in a home studio, the sounds of his Brooklyn neighborhood played an unexpected role. Bus horns, laughter, and police sirens intermingled with his compositions, adding an extra layer of inspiration and creativity.

Nerdhappy’s “15913” isn’t just an album—it’s a vivid auditory experience that defies expectations. With a blend of infectious rhythms and stories that range from galactic dreams to playground antics, this album is a testament to the boundless creativity that emerges when the boundaries are pushed.

Venture into the intriguing soundscape of Nerdhappy’s “15913,” where each track is a window into a fantastical world of sonic experimentation. The album’s fusion of electronic beats, unconventional narratives, and a touch of Brooklyn’s ambiance ensures an unforgettable auditory journey.

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