Melodic Discovery. Hande Çetik’s ‘Sesini Dinlerim’ Unveils Turkish Pop Sensation

Allow me to introduce you to the emerging star of Turkish Pop, Hande Çetik. The excitement is building as she prepares to reveal her latest music video for her enchanting single, “Sesini Dinlerim.”


Let’s extend a warm shout-out to this talented artist and her captivating song. Hailing from the picturesque Aegean city of Izmir, Turkey, Hande Çetik’s musical journey has deep roots in classical music, a passion that took hold in her early years. With a distinction in her graduation from the Stage Arts Opera department at the 9 Eylul Conservatory, she embarked on a journey to share her melodies with audiences both near and far.

Hande Çetik’s musical endeavors showcase her versatility as a vocalist. In 2023, a pivotal chapter in her career began as she joined forces with music producer and composer F. Can Erdogan. Together, they’ve created a unique blend of indie pop that beautifully marries pop vocal techniques with the finesse of classical singing, forging an innovative and diverse musical style.

Her debut EP, aptly named “Sesini Dinlerim,” is a testament to this artistic evolution. Drawing inspiration from her Mediterranean heritage and her family connections to the islands of Rhodes and Crete, Hande’s music encapsulates themes of the sea, freedom, and love.

However, Hande Çetik’s artistic journey extends beyond just music. Her Mediterranean roots deeply influence her artistry, infusing it with genuine cultural significance. Her personal life intertwines seamlessly with her artistic expression, as she shares her life and creative journey with her partner, composer/producer F. Can Erdogan, and their cherished feline companions.

In Hande Çetik’s musical odyssey, the profound impact of love takes center stage. The fusion of classical finesse with contemporary elements illustrates her unwavering commitment and strong cultural ties. Through her artistic exploration, Hande aspires to leave a lasting, meaningful impact, a testament to her passion and authenticity. As her melodies resonate around the world, Hande’s artistic endeavors are sure to inspire and resonate with audiences everywhere.

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