Electric High: Unleashing Raw Energy with “Crooks”

Percussive harmonica sets the stage, like a prelude to a musical rebellion. Norwegian rock outfit Electric High plunges us into their latest single, “Crooks,” with a stirring blend of marching beats and resonant hums. As the full ensemble erupts, a tidal wave of rock ‘n’ roll energy crashes in. Guitars, bass, and drums collide, complemented by distant oohs and a message delivered fervently by dual lead vocalists. The warning is clear: there are always those looking to take advantage, so keep your guard up for “Crooks.”

Yet, beneath this blistering anthem lies a tale rooted in reality. In a late-night encounter in Vilnius, Lithuania, Electric High’s bassist, Einride Torvik, found himself in a brawl with a Russian acquaintance. After the dust settled, an unexpected camaraderie formed. However, a sudden intrusion by the Russian police led to Einride’s arrest, mistakenly linked to the Russian mafia. In the aftermath, Einride’s belongings vanished, and his apartment was ransacked, all orchestrated by his erstwhile companion.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Electric High crafts a distinctive fusion of alternative and hard rock, akin to a collision between Rival Sons, Royal Blood, and an Aerosmith concert. Anchored by two charismatic frontmen, their music delivers an electric jolt of intensity. Drawing members from esteemed bands like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies, Electric High propels forward like a relentless rock ‘n’ roll locomotive. Their 2023 lineup promises a barrage of new rock anthems, ensuring the journey is far from over. With “Crooks” leading the charge on Apollon Records, Electric High invites listeners to plug into an electrifying experience that pulsates with unbridled passion and audacity.

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