Dearest Henry A Soulful Debut Unveiling Grief and Healing in ‘This Life’

Dearest Henry, the brainchild of Canadian musician Michael Harmel, emerges on the music scene with a poignant debut single, “This Life.” The name Dearest Henry pays homage to Harmel’s grandad, a musician who fueled his early musical exploration. The heartfelt debut is more than just a song; it’s a personal narrative encapsulating the loss of loved ones, particularly resonant following Harmel’s father’s passing in 2021.


Taking a hiatus to reflect and prioritize family after the profound loss, Harmel found solace and healing in songwriting. The result is “This Life,” a deeply moving composition that channels the universal experience of grief. Harmel’s sincerity and vulnerability shine through the lyrics, creating a connection with listeners who’ve walked similar paths.

The track weaves a sonic tapestry with emotive vocals and a melodic backdrop, showcasing Harmel’s musical prowess. Beyond the touching lyrics, the single reflects his extensive experience as a songwriter, with a catalog of over 200 songs and a notable role as the main songwriter and lead vocalist of the band Government Town. Dearest Henry isn’t just a solo project; it’s an exploration of personal catharsis and shared human experiences through the medium of music. “This Life” is not just a song; it’s a comforting embrace, a testament to the healing power of music, and a promising debut for an artist whose journey is bound to resonate deeply within the hearts of his audience.

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