Harmonious Holidays Jeremy Rodriguez’s ‘Christmas, Come On!’ Delivers a Unique Musical Gift

In the midst of the holiday music landscape, Jeremy Rodriguez emerges with his original EP, “Christmas, Come On!” This venture into the festive season marks a departure from Rodriguez’s usual music endeavors, but as he aptly puts it, “I know…not the typical way to start releasing music.” Self-arranged and self-produced, this EP delves into the realm of Christmas with a unique perspective. Rodriguez, a seasoned piano player and songwriter, weaves together an eclectic collection that captures the essence of the season. The title track, “Christmas, Come On!” sets the stage with a jazz-infused, piano-driven composition featuring the vocal prowess of Jason Davidson. The nostalgic yet contemporary sound echoes influences like Vince Guaraldi and Diana Krall, creating a timeless holiday feel.


The EP takes a bold turn with “I Wonder As I Wander,” an instrumental rendition that skillfully conveys the haunting Appalachian melody. Rodriguez’s piano work, accompanied by world percussion, cello, and an oud, showcases his prowess in blending diverse elements. As he explores familiar tunes like “O Holy Night,” Rodriguez fearlessly approaches the challenge of reinventing a beloved classic. The result is a unique take on the timeless melody, featuring harp, cello, and soprano saxophone. The original track “Peace on Earth” introduces a poignant and reflective moment. Born from a dark period during a Christmas season, the song grapples with the desire for peace amidst a turbulent world. Wendy Sightler Ferguson’s emotive vocal performance, backed by cello and Rodriguez’s piano, brings depth and hope to the composition.

The EP concludes with a simple yet heartfelt solo piano rendition of “Silent Night.” Rodriguez’s intention to capture the serene aftermath of Christmas morning is realized, providing a tranquil and contemplative closure to the musical journey. Beyond “Christmas, Come On!,” Rodriguez’s influence extends to the broader music scene. His songwriting has left an imprint on various projects, including collaborations with indie CCM artist Kaegan and a recording by The Erwins. His versatility as a songwriter shines through, making him a notable force in the music industry. “Christmas, Come On!” is not merely a holiday album; it’s a testament to Rodriguez’s musical prowess, offering a fresh and compelling perspective on Christmas classics and original compositions alike. The EP is a must-listen for those seeking a blend of nostalgia, innovation, and the true spirit of the season.

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