The Mars McClanes Weave a Bittersweet Yarn with ‘December Songs’

Amid the holiday cheer saturated with 100 mph Christmas songs blaring since before Halloween, The Mars McClanes offer a breath of fresh air with their latest single, “December Songs.” Steering clear of the frenetic pace, the Portland-based band embraces acoustic guitars, providing a poignant and alternative perspective on the multifaceted emotions that come with the festive season. In a musical departure from the norm, “December Songs” captures the essence of Christmas with a nuanced touch. The song navigates the delicate balance between joyous celebrations and the somber acknowledgment of personal struggles, offering a respite from the usual holiday fervor. The band artfully likens the pursuit of seasonal bliss to an exclusive nightclub, where the fortunate revel inside, leaving the rest to linger outside in contemplative solitude.


As the song unfolds, The Mars McClanes craft a narrative that resonates with those who find themselves on the fringes of the festive cheer. “December Songs” becomes a melodic refuge for those grappling with the societal expectations and complexities of the season, embracing the bittersweet reality that often accompanies the holidays.

Hailing from Dallas, The Mars McClanes infuse their Indie-Rock-meets-Alt-Country sound with a distinctive touch, evident in the emotional landscape of “December Songs.” The song is a testament to their storytelling prowess and musical artistry, providing a beautifully crafted alternative to the standard yuletide fare. In this offering, The Mars McClanes invite listeners to explore the depth of Christmas beyond the superficial revelry, making “December Songs” an essential track that resonates with both heart and soul.

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