Neve Bowen’s ‘Lifeline EP’ A Raw Journey Into the Depths of Emotion

Neve Bowen, the 19-year-old songstress hailing from London, has unveiled her debut EP, “Lifeline,” a poignant collection of tracks that offer a window into the raw depths of her soul. Set against the backdrop of her distinctive sad-girl-indie sound, Bowen’s brutally honest lyricism has earned her critical acclaim within her first year of musical endeavors.

Neve Bowen

At the heart of this EP lies the title track, ‘Lifeline,’ a fearless confrontation of Bowen’s deepest fears and inner struggles. This emotionally charged composition serves as a testament to the power of music in pulling her back from the brink, urging her to find another way. Recorded at Sticky Studios under the guidance of producer Matt Brettle and overseen by Jake Goslin, the EP features previously released singles including ‘Deep Blue Ocean,’ ‘Song For Anna,’ and ‘Haunting Sound Of Love.’ Additionally, listeners are treated to an acoustic rendition of the title track. The result is an intense, beautiful, and at times dark, yet ultimately uplifting auditory experience.

To mark the release of the “Lifeline EP,” Neve Bowen will be gracing the stage at The Karma Sanctum Cinema in Soho on October 10th, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Day. Critics have drawn comparisons between Bowen’s music and that of illustrious artists like Florence + The Machine, Kate Bush, and Patti Smith. “Lifeline” stands as a haunting and ethereal journey into the depths of the soul, a testament to Neve Bowen’s undeniable talent and her ability to resonate on a profoundly human level.


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