Blair Wxtch’s “Light Me Up”, A Spellbinding Ode to Love and Magick

In the heart of New York City’s vibrant music scene, singer-songwriter Blair Wxtch unveils her latest creation, “Light Me Up.” This retro-infused pop gem, produced in collaboration with the talented Butterfly Haus, is a testament to the transformative power of  love.Set against a backdrop of vibrant, synesthetic keys and entrancing vocal melodies, “Light Me Up” is a propulsive journey through the euphoria of new love. Blair Wxtch, a visionary artist with roots in Atlanta, Georgia, weaves her emotions into a tapestry of enchanting sounds.


The song transcends mere music; it’s an incantation of the profound connection between two souls. Wxtch beautifully expresses, “love isn’t only beautiful and sensual, but it’s also its own form of magick, the most powerful form of magick that has helped me truly connect with the Divine Feminine within me.” As a multi-talented artist, Blair Wxtch’s influences stretch beyond the realm of music. Drawing inspiration from visionary filmmakers like Dario Argento, David Lynch, and others, she infuses her work with visual storytelling elements. Her love for horror cinema finds a haunting echo in her songwriting, embodying the essence of the “final girl” and the fierce spirit of a “scream queen.” The poetic spirit of Allen Ginsberg courses through Wxtch’s lyrics, offering a unique perspective on life, pain, love, and death. This unorthodox approach to storytelling stems from her upbringing in a Southern Baptist household, ultimately leading her to the path of the witch.

Musically, Wxtch pays homage to a diverse range of influences, from Jeff Buckley to Fleetwood Mac. Her sound, a fusion of 90s alternative, French new wave, classic rock, and R&B, is a testament to her eclectic taste and life experiences. It’s a reflection of survival, resilience, and the profound impact of art on a soul. “Light Me Up” emerges as not just a single, but a testament to Blair Wxtch’s journey through grief and self-discovery. It’s a beacon of light, illuminating the path to her truest self. With her signing to Glass Bullet Sound Company, owned by the accomplished artist and producer Butterfly Haus, the world can expect more spellbinding creations from this enchantress of sound. Blair Wxtch invites us all to embark on this mystical musical odyssey, where love and magick converge in harmonious splendor.

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