LJ and The Reckless Horns, An Eclectic Jazz Fusion Delight

Prepare to embark on a musical journey with LJ and his sensational new ensemble, The Reckless Horns. Their debut album is a sonic masterpiece, seamlessly blending chilled-out jazz with infectious funky rhythms, all adorned with exquisite horn arrangements. Hailing from Adelaide, LJ and The Reckless Horns are a powerhouse collective of ten extraordinarily talented musicians, spearheaded by the visionary LJ, also known as Lex Jones. With an illustrious history of four prior album releases in various musical incarnations, this latest offering marks a fresh chapter in LJ’s musical evolution.


The album’s unveiling is scheduled for a highly anticipated event at Norwood Live on September 10th, promising a night of musical transcendence. LJ’s musical odyssey has taken him across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, leaving audiences enraptured by his unique blend of artistry. The ensemble boasts a dynamic four-piece rhythm section, setting a solid foundation for the melodic journey ahead. Complementing this, a two-piece brass section adds depth and vitality to the compositions. With the addition of four vocalists, the group achieves a harmonious fusion of lead and backing vocals, seamlessly weaving between English and French lyrics.

This debut album is a testament to LJ’s prowess as a composer and bandleader. The tracks are a testament to his dedication to creating music that transcends genres, offering listeners an auditory experience that is both captivating and invigorating. In LJ and The Reckless Horns, listeners will find a collective that not only showcases technical virtuosity but also an intuitive understanding of how each element contributes to the whole. The result is an album that is as rich and layered as it is accessible and engaging. From the first note to the last, LJ and The Reckless Horns invite you to immerse yourself in a musical tapestry that is both intricate and inviting, a testament to the artistry and vision of LJ and his exceptional ensemble. The debut album promises to be a defining moment not only for the band but for aficionados of eclectic, genre-defying music.

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