Man With A Corduroy Heart’s Debut Single ‘The Wailers’ A Lullaby in Lofi-Folk

In a musical landscape where authenticity often takes a backseat, Man With A Corduroy Heart emerges as a fresh voice, blending folk with a touch of psychedelic whimsy. This debut single, titled ‘The Wailers,’ is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt journey into the realm of parenthood.


Recorded with the warm embrace of cassette tapes and layered with soulful jazz guitar, ‘The Wailers’ is a lofi-folk lullaby. It encapsulates the tender moments of a new parent’s life, serenading a baby to sleep with the soothing melodies of Bob Marley. The lyrics beautifully intertwine the experience of fatherhood with Marley’s iconic tunes, evoking emotions of love and wonder. Ryan Davies, the mastermind behind Man With A Corduroy Heart, is no stranger to the music world. As a seasoned mixing engineer, he understands the nuances of creating perfect, polished sounds. However, with this project, he steps into a different realm. Davies deliberately embraces imperfections, cherishing the organic quality of one-take recordings. The result is a song that feels alive, resonating with the heartstrings of listeners.

The opening verse paints a vivid picture: “Your little baby face brings out the sun / Your hand holds my finger and I think Is This Love?” This poignant imagery sets the stage for a musical experience that transcends mere sound. It’s an invitation to join Davies on this intimate journey, where love, music, and parenthood converge. ‘The Wailers’ is not just a debut single; it’s a testament to the power of music in the most personal moments of our lives. Man With A Corduroy Heart’s enchanting foray into the world of psych-folk is a promise of more soul-stirring melodies to come. Ryan Davies has unveiled a piece of his heart, wrapped in corduroy warmth, and invites us all to share in its tender embrace.

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