Blackfoxy A Fusion of Jazz and Funk with a Message of Peace

Blackfoxy brings a blazing fusion of jazz and funk straight from Villeneuve La Garenne. Founded by Kalid Bazi and Klaus Blasquiz, the iconic singer of the legendary band Magma, the group blends the essence of African-American funk, ranging from Motown to James Brown, while incorporating a cinematic and multicultural richness into their arrangements. The tragic events of 2015 in France strengthened their convictions and commitment to peace, leading them to work closely with the movement. Their new single “African Beat” is a vibrant tribute to the African roots of funk, adorned with nods to Michael Jackson and Kassav’, promising to deliver an exhilarating sonic experience. If you’re in search of music that transcends boundaries while keeping the groove alive, Blackfoxy is the new sensation not to be missed!


After Magma, here comes Blackfoxy, bringing Paris a dose of French jazz-funk! Klaus Blasquiz, the lead singer of the legendary Magma, is at the helm of this new project, offering an ode to French jazz-funk that’s not to be missed! Blackfoxy, hailing from Villeneuve La Garenne in the Parisian suburbs, was formed in 2011 by Kalid Bazi and Klaus Blasquiz, the singer of the legendary band Magma alongside Christian Vander, Jannick Top, and others. Their paths crossed while working on the soundtrack of a Luc Besson film, sparking the birth of a new seven-member band that embodies the fusion of their worlds. One from the jazz realm, the other from popular funk, giving birth to Blackfoxy—a French Touch-infused urban funk influenced by pure and gritty African-American funk, from Motown to the 80s and James Brown.

“We chose the name Blackfoxy as a tribute to the ‘Foxys’, those resourceful women in the suburbs, who often had to fight for their place.” – BLACKFOXY The group gained recognition with hits like “Talk About Peace” (featuring Nina Attal, MB14, and Princess Erika), dedicated to the victims of the Bataclan attacks in 2015, as well as their performance on France 4 with 50 drummers on Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”. Beyond arrangements borrowed from 70s and 80s funk, their universe draws energy from film music, “Blaxploitation”, and African, Cuban, and Caribbean musical traditions. Their distinctive feature? Two complementary singers with remarkable vocal ranges accompanied by music that comes from the heart, combining brass and percussion in a constant cinematic quest.

A united group marked by the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks, Blackfoxy has never been more driven to come together through music. Since the events of 2015, they have been actively involved in the movement (sponsored, among others, by Manu Katché), promoting the values of peace through music in popular neighborhoods and rural areas, both in France and beyond, offering access to culture for as many as possible. “African Beat,” their new single, is released just months before their debut album. Kalid Bazi, founder of Blackfoxy, composed it as a tribute to the African origins of funk. Originally intended for the soundtrack of the film “La Planque” (co-produced with Luc Besson), it didn’t make the final cut, but eventually found its place in the top 50 on Spotify in 2011. Inspired by Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones’ track “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” (from the “Thriller” album), “African Beat” also gives a nod to Caribbean music, particularly the legendary group Kassav’. The music video features the band alongside the brilliant dance duo Darren & Willis, as well as footage from their orphanage tour in Morocco with Le Bus pour la paix. “African Beat” aims to be a bridge between Africa, the Americas, and Europe.

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