Empowering Anthem, The Margaret Hooligans’ ‘Revenge of the ScarJo

“Revenge of the ScarJo” by The Margaret Hooligans is a powerful and thought-provoking track that delves into a world where men face the same sexual harassment that women have endured for decades. The song kicks off with a gritty drumbeat and trashy cymbals, followed by a relentless electric ukulele riff, all while Meg Cratty’s vocals deliver taunting phrases that echo the victim-blaming rhetoric often directed towards women. The chorus, with its bold proclamation, “Equality starts with catcalling but you didn’t like it, did you?”, flips the script and forces the listener to confront the discomforting reality.


The drums and Cratty’s fierce vocals drive the song forward, painting a vivid picture of a group of empowered women reveling in their newfound authority. “Revenge of the ScarJo” is the second installment in a series of eleven singles set to be released through September 2024, with a full album slated for October 2024. Recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing, the track was expertly mixed and produced by Mr. Strontium and mastered by KRAMER of Shimmy Disc Records. Cratty’s mastery of lead vocals, electric ukulele, and electric guitar, coupled with Mr. Strontium’s backup vocals and percussion skills, form a formidable musical duo.

The Margaret Hooligans have been steadily building a devoted following, earning radio play across the globe and even securing the coveted title of single of the week for Germany’s Radio Sylvia. Their fearless approach to challenging societal norms and combating oppression is evident in their music, as showcased in their previous release, “Our Museum of Failure.” This anthem dismantles patriarchal structures, inviting people of all genders and backgrounds to celebrate their freedom from oppression. In “Revenge of the ScarJo,” The Margaret Hooligans have created more than just a song; they’ve crafted a powerful message that challenges the status quo and demands reflection on issues of equality and harassment. This track is a testament to their unapologetic stance in the fight for a more inclusive and just world.

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