Balto Parranda The Resonant Voices of Protest in “Black Bloc Romance”

Balto Parranda, a spirited musical collective hailing from Corbeil-Essonnes, emerges as fervent champions of freedom and social justice through their latest EP, “Black Bloc Romance.” Their music is a fusion of gipsy punk, rock, and Balkan influences, encapsulating the energy of street-level activism while weaving in infectious melodies and impassioned lyrics. Released on September 22, “Black Bloc Romance” stands as a resounding anthem for those who seek to boldly amplify their convictions amidst the intoxicating rhythm of camaraderie.


With Balto Parranda, the anthems of protest find a vibrant musical expression. Their EP, “Black Bloc Romance,” is a testament to their dedication to social causes, channeling a heady mix of vigor, tales of courage, and a steadfast commitment to freedom. Balto Parranda’s origin story is one of friendship forged in high school, culminating in a musical journey. Initially drawn to Gipsy Punk, they viewed performances as a casual pursuit. However, their trajectory took a concrete turn when they realized the resonance they were achieving. Influences from Mano Negra, Emir Kusturica, and Gogol Bordello converge in their music, forming a harmonious blend of their Gipsy Punk roots, rock elements, and Balkan musicality.

Lyrically, Balto Parranda delves into themes of camaraderie, revelry, and liberating abandon. Their music calls for unity and the pursuit of unbridled self-expression. They firmly believe that music should serve as an outlet for raw emotion, and artists should embrace socially conscious narratives. “Black Bloc Romance” encapsulates the essence of Balto Parranda’s ethos: tales of late-night camaraderie, celebratory fervor, friendship, love, and an unabated surge of energy. The EP echoes their deep-seated commitment to freedom, a sentiment born from their activist roots. The title track, “Black Bloc Romance,” unveils the hidden undercurrents of repression within the fervor of protest romance. The result is a faithful representation of their musical identity, sprinkled with delightful surprises like “Gucci à Guča,” adorned with a distinct mariachi flair. “Black Bloc Romance” has been available on all platforms since September 22, ready to accompany listeners in their own demonstrations of unity and fervor. Balto Parranda stands as a vibrant testament to the power of music as a catalyst for social change, unifying voices in the pursuit of justice and freedom.

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