Between Lightning and Thunder Miles East’s Voyage of Resilience

Miles East’s upcoming album, “Between Lightning and Thunder,” promises to be a poignant journey through the complexities of a troubled relationship. Each track serves as a beacon, illuminating the way through the darkness, while others embody the very depths of turmoil, hinting at imminent peril. The album opens with a glimmer of hope shrouded in desperate optimism and culminates in a redemption that resonates with quiet, profound simplicity.

Miles East
Album Cover Shoot
Credit: Taylor Ballantyne

Renowned artist and producer Blake Morgan helms the recording and production of this musical odyssey, drawing parallels to the sonic landscapes of Beck’s “Sea Change” and Paul McCartney’s “Ram.” The sound evokes echoes of the likes of Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, and Jason Isbell, creating a tapestry of emotions. The lead single, “Better Than Here,” set to release on October 17th, encapsulates the boldness of buoyancy and hope. It encapsulates the promises we make to our loved ones when facing the darkest of forces, offering a glimpse of resilience in the face of adversity.

Miles East, a seasoned figure in New York City’s recording scene, showcases his multi-faceted talent as a vocalist, acoustic guitarist, and drummer. In the studio, he’s joined by the skilled Blake Morgan (bass, electric guitars, keyboards, backing vocals) and the versatile musician, arranger, and producer Justin Goldner (electric guitars, baritone). Their collaboration infuses a fresh, distinctive flavor into the musical concoction. Together, they craft a profoundly rich auditory experience, uniquely theirs. With accolades for his debut album, “Ghosts of Hope,” such as being hailed as a “sparkling debut” by No Depression and described as “haunting” by Vents Magazine, Miles East is poised to make waves once again with “Between Lightning and Thunder.” The lead single, “Better Than Here,” sets the stage for what promises to be a compelling musical narrative, slated for an early 2024 release on ECR Music Group. This record is serious business, featuring introspective lyrics that leave a lasting impression. Miles East’s sound is unmistakably his own, drawing parallels to the likes of James Taylor, Duncan Sheik, and Ray LaMontagne. The anticipation for this release is palpable, and it’s bound to be an album that resonates deeply with listeners.

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