Anjalts Strikes a Raw Chord with ‘Are U Ok’ A Pop-Rock Anthem of Resilience

Anjalts’ latest release, “Are U Ok,” is a dynamic pop-rock anthem that hits you like a sonic wave. From the moment the blaring guitars and pounding drums kick in, you’re transported into a world of raw emotion and unfiltered musicality. It’s astonishing to realize that it’s the work of one incredibly talented musician, channeling her melodic voice through a sea of grit and heartache to ask a simple yet profound question: “Are you okay?” The artist’s inspiration for the song is palpable. The phrase “Are U Ok” became a moment of reflection for her, a reminder to check in not only with oneself but with those we hold dear. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply in a world where so much remains uncertain, a promise that, with time, we’ll find our way and be okay.


Anjalts’ musical journey has been nothing short of prolific. Following the release of “Walking to the Sun” in September and the expansive “Air to Fire” album in February 2023, she’s unleashed a total of nineteen singles, including this latest gem. “Are U Ok” is the fifth offering from her highly anticipated second album, ‘Bluency.’ This collection showcases her fearless approach to songwriting, offering a bold and surreal soundscape that challenges the norms of contemporary music. With scorching guitar riffs and improvisations, the track conjures a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of Maroon 5, the moodiness of Chemical Romance, and the avant-garde spirit of The Velvet Underground. Anjalts’ ability to seamlessly blend instruments and lyrics creates an immersive musical experience, drawing listeners into her world.

The opening guitar sequence mirrors the artist’s intense passion for music, revealing her inner struggle to find optimism in a world often marked by heartbreak. Anjalts invites listeners to interpret the song in their own way, emphasizing the importance of not losing sight of the best parts of ourselves, even in challenging times. Mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, Anjalts is set to release two albums by year-end, along with additional music videos and an upcoming tour. With “Are U Ok,” she not only delivers a powerful musical experience but also a heartfelt message of hope and resilience. This is an artist who’s unafraid to embrace imperfection, knowing that it’s the quirks and nuances that make her sound uniquely her own.

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