Refuge in the Shadows Unearthing the Dark Realities of Domestic Violence

This poignant track delves into a social issue often shrouded in silence, offering a respectful yet unflinching portrayal of its destructive impact. The artist, primarily a singer-songwriter, collaborates with local musicians in the studio, bypassing a conventional band structure. Influenced by luminaries like Springsteen, Arcade Fire, and early Elton John, the track resonates with an evocative, melodic strength.


Recorded at The Music Projects Studio in Wigan and co-produced by John Kettle, known for his work with The Lathums, the production process was a collaborative effort, with the artist contributing creatively. The track’s inspiration stems from a sobering statistic: approximately 2.4 million people in the UK endure domestic violence, with nearly 40% of cases going unreported. This revelation led to the creation of a song that addresses the harrowing reality faced by victims of abuse.

The narrative centers around someone ensnared in a cycle of intimidation and physical threat, unable to break free from the suffocating grip. It’s a tale that sadly echoes far too frequently in our society. The song’s essence lies in the juxtaposition of its dark subject matter with a compelling, sonically robust composition. In the artist’s own words, “When love turns to something ugly, it’s a reflex reaction to reach out to a kinder, more gentle time left behind to find belief things will get better. Too often that belief remains tragically unfulfilled.” This sentiment encapsulates the heart-wrenching reality portrayed in the song, an earnest plea for hope and redemption amidst the darkness.

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