DaeMarcus Presents “Corner Eye” A Deep Dive into Musical Mastery

DaeMarcus stands as a one-man band extraordinaire, with Adam Araujo assuming the roles of guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, and vocalist. Hailing from the vibrant city of New Bedford on the south coast of Massachusetts, DaeMarcus’s sophomore album, “Corner Eye,” is a testament to Araujo’s musical prowess and eclectic influences. The project draws inspiration from an extensive palette of musical icons, spanning from the alternative grunge of Smashing Pumpkins to the synth-driven melodies of Tears for Fears. Indie favorites like The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie, as well as hip-hop legends including Biggie Smalls and Kanye West, weave into the rich tapestry that defines DaeMarcus’s sound.


Despite having no live performances under the DaeMarcus banner, the project has already garnered attention. BuzzSlayers acclaim the album, noting, “This Is For The Real Music Heads,” while Sinosidal expresses confidence that the songs will resonate, staying with listeners for a long time. “Corner Eye” was meticulously crafted in a small studio in New Bedford, Massachusetts, with Adam Araujo spearheading production. The album’s ethos is rooted in encouraging deep reflection, inviting listeners to sit back and contemplate life’s profound aspects.

Lead tracks like “Take It Back” and “Moving Out” exemplify the album’s essence, each song presenting a unique character and purpose. The collective narrative revolves around the theme of moving forward, encapsulating the notion of taking that next significant step in life. Amusingly, Araujo’s dedication to his craft extended to keeping the volume down during recording, a nod to the constraints of neighborhood living. In Araujo’s own words, “The album dives deep and will take the listeners with it. There is a lot of ‘There, There,’ I promise.” “Corner Eye” by DaeMarcus is not just an album; it’s a journey through the intricacies of life, expertly curated and delivered by a musical virtuoso.

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