“I Can’t Wait For This Christmas” Blueprint Moon’s Heartwarming Charity Anthem for the Season

Blueprint Moon’s latest release, a heartfelt charity Christmas single titled “I Can’t Wait For This Christmas,” is a musical gem inspired by the innocence of a 7-year-old. The brainchild of Vern’s daughter Scarlett, the track not only captures the enchanting spirit of Christmas but also carries a noble cause, with 50% of sales directed to the charity War Child.


Comprising Vern Asbury and Sam Bourne, Blueprint Moon is more than a musical duo; it’s a collaboration between seasoned session musicians who have left their mark on hits by artists like Lewis Capaldi, Bebe Rexha, and Niall Horan. Their collective experience shines through in the production of “I Can’t Wait For This Christmas” a home-recorded piece showcasing Vern’s vocal prowess and Sam’s mastery of bass, keys, and guitar. The single is not just a festive anthem but a testament to Blueprint Moon’s versatility, blending pop with flavors ranging from rock to country, and electronica to prog fusion. The band’s Christmas-infused influences, humorously citing Mariah Carey, Slade, and Wizard, add a unique touch to their sound. The narrative behind “I Can’t Wait For This Christmas” is as heartwarming as the holiday season itself. Scarlett’s initial chorus idea blossomed into a song that narrates the transformation of a cynical man, initially “Scroogey” about Christmas, who succumbs to the childlike magic of the season. The charitable aspect amplifies the song’s significance, making it a meaningful addition to any festive playlist.

Recording anecdotes bring a touch of humor, with Scarlett, her 4-year-old brother Ben, and their friend Savannah providing delightful backing vocals, complete with Ben’s infectious giggles at the track’s end. In the words of Blueprint Moon, “The more copies we sell, the more money we can donate to War Child.” So, indulge in the magic of “I Can’t Wait For This Christmas,” not just for its musical brilliance but for the warmth it brings to hearts and the support it extends to a worthy cause.

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