“Heartbeat Harmony” Tomer Sasson’s Jazz Odyssey through Life’s Melodic Depths

Tomer Sasson, a budding guitarist on the cusp of a New York musical odyssey, unveils his debut album, “Heartbeat,” a five-track masterpiece that blends jazz with Brazilian and contemporary influences. Sasson, accompanied by Oren Hardy on double bass and Alon Benjamini on drums, has crafted an album that transcends mere notes, delving into the depths of personal experience and musical innovation.


The trio’s journey began in 2018, evolving from a casual holiday jam to a cohesive musical unit. Their influences, ranging from jazz legends like John Coltrane and Bill Evans to Brazilian maestro Toninho Horta and the contemporary brilliance of Kurt Rosenwinkel, shape the distinctive flavor of “Heartbeat.” Having graced prestigious venues like Beit Haamudim Jazz Club and the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, the trio brings a wealth of performance experience to their album. Notable reviews commend Tomer’s melodic finesse, with Michael Steinman noting, “I especially admire Tomer’s eyes-closed glide through melodic lines.”

Recorded at Levontin Studios, “Heartbeat” is a testament to Sasson’s musical prowess, handling guitar, compositions, and production. The album’s ethos, born from an impromptu gig set, is a collection of five original compositions, each intimately tied to individuals in Sasson’s life. The title track, “Heartbeat,” explores the echoes of past relationships, while “Unknown” paints a sonic portrait of Tomer’s relationship with his father. Sasson’s distinctive approach shines through, eschewing flashy virtuosity for a composition-oriented focus that captures a unique style and fresh ideas within rich musical traditions. “Heartbeat” is not just an album; it’s a musical narrative of life’s depth and Tomer Sasson’s artistic journey, offering listeners a profound and captivating experience.

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