x.o.anne’s Vibrant Anthem, A Joyful Ode to Empowerment

In the realm of music, there exists an innate desire to evoke positive emotions within listeners. For x.o.anne, this aspiration takes center stage. After years of crafting songs for others, the artist has taken a courageous leap into creating music that encapsulates a sense of whimsy and worthiness. This departure from the familiar dance music landscape signifies a new chapter, one that embraces trap sounds, pop harmonies, and a theatrical penchant for exaggeration and playfulness.


x.o.anne’s track exudes an infectious energy, built upon the foundations of trap rhythms and exuberant pop melodies. It’s a musical celebration that intertwines elements of fun, sexuality, and unapologetic individuality. The song radiates a vibrant aura, inviting listeners to revel in its joyous spirit. Anne Tello, known by her moniker x.o.anne, is a singer, songwriter, and artist with an extensive musical journey. Notably, she co-wrote the breakout single “Fake Friends” by PS1, a chart-topping hit that garnered widespread acclaim and millions of streams. Her contributions to the music industry have traversed continents, participating in esteemed writing camps and collaborating with renowned artists.

The essence of the track lies in its playful exploration of modern relationships, highlighting the challenge of letting go and the allure of diverse attractions. It delves into the idea of collecting experiences and connections in a contemporary world, all while maintaining a buoyant, empowering undertone. x.o.anne’s music transcends mere entertainment; it invites listeners to dance, reflect, and grow. It carries an essential message wrapped in a vibrant, danceable package. As the artist herself attests, “They say, you are able to grow faster when you engage in play in life; though there may be serious themes and truths hidden within the song, it’s meant to be fun and listenable, and make people dance as much as think… that’s the best way to grow.” With this ethos at its core, x.o.anne’s music emerges as a radiant force in the musical landscape, beckoning all to join in the celebration of life’s exuberant moments.

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