Echoes of Elegy, Mesmershade’s Enigmatic Musical Tapestry

Hailing from diverse corners of the world, the dark electronic duo Mesmershade, comprising Hawaii-based vocalist Juniper Jow and Tokyo-based songwriter M. Munigant, embark on a genre-bending odyssey within the realms of music. Their hauntingly melancholic compositions intertwine Munigant’s hallmark dark synths, classical guitar, resonant bass, and eclectic percussion with Jow’s ethereal vocals and emotionally charged lyrics, forging a unique sonic tapestry enriched by a spectrum of eclectic musical influences. The genesis of Mesmershade emerged from a quest for a virtual collaborator for a Valentine’s Day song. Jow’s determination led her on an extensive search, with the distinct avatar serving as the compass. The serendipitous union blossomed from this peculiar beginning. Munigant mused, “That’s honestly how it all started. I’m not even sure what either of us saw in the other. I didn’t think we were really making stuff that would mesh together at all, but when we tried it, something about the whole thing just clicked.”


Their collaborative Valentine’s creation, “Vicissitude,” finds its place alongside five other tracks in Mesmershade’s debut EP, “Echoes of Elegy,” unveiled on September 22, 2023. Leading the charge is the single “Moth,” a poignant exploration of symbolism in the wake of a recent loss. The track encapsulates Munigant’s signature blend of dark synths, classical guitar, resonating bass, and diverse percussion, complemented by Jow’s haunting vocals and emotionally charged verses, weaving a song that draws from a diverse spectrum of musical influences.

The EP weaves a tapestry of evocative tracks, including “We Don’t Have To Wait,” an anthem for service workers; “The Best That I Could Invent,” a heart-rending contemplation of unrequited love; “We Sleep,” a study of relationship dynamics; and “Death’s Lover,” a poignant juxtaposition of mortality and desire. Throughout, the duo’s innate chemistry radiates, their symbiotic collaboration breathing life into each note. Jow reflects, “His tracks were latent with inspiration. I knew as soon as I heard the music that I would be able to come up with lyrics if he wanted them. When I’m writing the lyrics, it feels like I’m just listening for the words that were already there.”

Munigant adds, “It’s like she has a hidden sense that picks up exactly what I need on any given song. I might feel a track is missing something, but once I get the vocals back and mix them in, that’s it—the missing piece it needed.” “Echoes of Elegy” boldly crashes into uncharted sonic territories, crafting an enigmatic soundtrack embellished with poignant and relatable lyrics, all drawn from a wellspring of disparate and unexpected influences. Mesmershade, a transpacific darkwave/dark pop/gothic duo, emerges as a powerful force within the musical landscape.

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