Wrapped in the Warm Glow of Mick J. Clark’s Musical Fireplace: A Review of ‘It’s Getting Near Christmas

As the holiday season tiptoes closer, Mick J. Clark’s latest single, ‘It’s Getting Near Christmas,’ emerges as a delightful addition to the festive soundtrack. A one-man band extravaganza, Mick J. Clark weaves together a musical tapestry adorned with guitar strums, rhythmic drums, and playful keyboard notes. The song exudes a charming simplicity, capturing the essence of Christmas with a dash of Mick’s signature fab flair. In this musical venture, Mick wears all the hats – guitarist, drummer, and keyboard maestro. His journey began in the heart of family beginnings, a personal touch that adds warmth to the track. Influenced by the timeless allure of great songs from any era, Mick J. Clark orchestrates a melody that transcends time and genre, making it a timeless treat for music lovers.


While Mick may have traded the stage for radio interviews and promotional endeavors, his infectious energy resonates in every note of ‘It’s Getting Near Christmas.’ The song, a joyful reflection of Mick’s love for the holiday season, captures the gradual crescendo of Christmas anticipation. From the leisurely start to the spirited finale, Mick navigates the musical landscape with finesse Recorded in East Grinstead by Martin Smith, the single emanates a cozy, homegrown vibe that aligns seamlessly with the Christmas spirit. Mick’s ethos behind the song is simple – a celebration of the love he holds for Christmas. The track unfolds like a festive countdown, mirroring the excitement that builds as the big day approaches.

Amidst the banter and stress of production, Mick J. Clark emerges as a humble virtuoso, capturing the essence of the season with his one-of-a-kind musical flair. ‘It’s Getting Near Christmas’ is more than a song; it’s a personal invitation from Mick J. Clark to join him in celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. In his own words, Mick is undoubtedly the nicest all-around great guy you could wish to meet – and his music reflects just that.

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