WHAT COULD BE” by Michael Lyon, A Journey of Reflection and Growth

In his fourth album release since 2015, Michael Lyon invites listeners on a profound journey through his introspective and heartfelt songwriting. “WHAT COULD BE” is more than just an album; it’s a testament to perseverance, experience, and the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of George Harrison, Lyon beautifully encapsulates the idea that continuous songwriting leads to growth and refinement.


The album’s standout track, “How Long It Takes,” born amidst the pandemic’s uncertainty, encapsulates the urgency of cherishing each day. Lyon’s solo venture is a remarkable feat, with him playing all instruments and lending his soulful vocals to the mix. Noteworthy collaborations include the invaluable contributions of recording engineer Paul Horabin and musical mentor Kit Alderson. Rooted in influences ranging from The Beatles to Mozart, Lyon’s music weaves a tapestry of timeless sounds and emotions. From poignant reflections to dance floor anthems, “WHAT COULD BE” is a testament to Lyon’s ability to convey relatable experiences through his art.


Throughout the album, Lyon navigates the stages of life, from youthful aspirations to the complexities of adulthood, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his craft. The title track, “What Could Be,” encapsulates the essence of this musical journey—a testament to embracing the unknown and cherishing every moment. Recording sessions, particularly during the pandemic’s height, added a layer of intensity to the creative process. The album’s harmonies, reminiscent of The Hollies and Simon & Garfunkel, bear witness to the dedication and risk-taking that shaped this musical endeavor.

As Lyon aptly puts it, “What could be is a day unlike any day yet to be…” This sentiment echoes throughout the album, inviting listeners to contemplate life’s endless possibilities. “WHAT COULD BE” is not just an album; it’s a reflection of a life lived with intention, and an invitation to explore the boundless potential of each day.

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