Maisyn’s Latest Single “Long Hair”, A Journey of Healing and Empowerment

In her latest indie-pop anthem, “Long Hair,” songstress Maisyn takes us on a transformative journey of self-empowerment through the symbolism of a dramatic post-breakup haircut. As the song unfolds, it evolves into an anthem of healing and growth, echoing the sentiments of finding joy amidst pain. With a sound reminiscent of artists like Maisie Peters and Maggie Rogers, “Long Hair” promises that even in moments of hurt or transformation—like giving yourself bangs—you can still rediscover happiness.


Maisyn’s music is both deeply relatable and distinctly her own. “Long Hair,” the second single from her upcoming sophomore EP, strikes a perfect balance between introspection and escapism, offering listeners a chance to reflect or let loose on the dance floor. Reflecting on the song’s meaning, Maisyn shares, “I never meant for my hair to be a metaphor for my emotional growth but it just happened that way. One morning I went to brush my teeth and when I looked in the mirror I noticed that my hair got super long and I looked happy and healthy. I hadn’t thought that about myself in a long time.”

Having released her debut EP “Cool Grl” in September 2021, Maisyn now enters a new era with fresh stories to tell. Teaming up with Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Joey Messina-Doerning (known for his work with HAIM and “Women In Music Pt III”), Maisyn continues to weave introspective lyrics into pop-infused melodies. Her music is thoughtful yet unapologetic, exploring themes of love, existential contemplation, and the hard-earned growth that comes with it.

“Long Hair” is a poignant addition to Maisyn’s discography, promising listeners a song that not only resonates but also empowers. Stay tuned for more from Maisyn and be sure to check out “Long Hair” on all major streaming platforms. Thank you for taking the time to explore this captivating release.

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