“We Wasted All Our Memories” – A Melancholic Dance into Nostalgia

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, where trends come and go, some artists find solace in the timeless pursuit of creativity. Tobias Borelius, the driving force behind the collaboration of Emerald Park, Danish Daycare, and The Lonely Sasquatch, boldly embraces this philosophy. “We Wasted All Our Memories” emerges as a testament to their collective spirit, echoing a nostalgic hopefulness with a dance-infused tempo.


Reflecting on the journey, Borelius acknowledges the whispers that one might be too old to persist in music. Yet, the passion prevails. “We Wasted All Our Memories” It’s a song that doesn’t seek to be the ultimate revelation but revels in the joy of creating, capturing the essence of the artists behind it.

The backstory unfolds in 1982, a time when the music scene in Sweden was divided, mirroring the later Blur-Oasis and Beatles-Rolling Stones rivalries. The song “We Wasted All Our Memories” echoes this era, reminiscent of a walk in summer rain, and Tobias Borelius drew inspiration from its nostalgic lyrics. The resulting co-op single, the second collaboration between the trio, carries a dance-worthy tempo, a departure from the familiar yet welcome Nordic melancholy. Recorded at A Place To Mourn by Mattias, the song underwent a collaborative evolution, with each artist contributing to its unique identity. Drawing inspiration from bands like Stars, Loney Dear, Arcade Fire, and New Order, the song is a symphony of emotions, expertly mixed by Daniel (Danish Daycare) and mastered by Carl Granberg.

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