Looney Mack Pours Up Authentic West Coast Vibes in ‘Pouring up Like Ireland’

Looney Mack, the Bay Area’s rising emcee, storms onto the scene with his latest single, “Pouring up Like Ireland,” a testament to his deep roots in the West Coast hip-hop culture. Studio musician, vocalist, and writer Miles Mack, also known as Looney Mack, is not just an artist; he’s a force driven by an unwavering passion for music. Hailing from the Bay area and part of the collaborative effort called “The Family,” Looney Mack, along with his cousins and partner 707 Cortez, brings a unique blend of new age hip hop to the forefront.


Despite being an upcoming artist, Looney Mack’s performance prowess is undeniable. With a creative approach to music, he has crafted a distinct sound that echoes influences from Digital Underground, E-40, Too Short, T-Pain, and Future. The song, recorded in Las Vegas and produced by De La Music, encapsulates the artist’s ethos and celebrates the West Coast lifestyle. “Pouring up Like Ireland” is not just a track; it’s a lively expression of Looney Mack’s lifestyle. The artist, known as “The Irishman” for his affinity for liquor, sets the tone for his project by blending authentic West Coast vibes with a party-starting anthem. The song features Looney’s real cousins, infusing a genuine familial energy that resonates throughout the track.

In the words of Looney Mack himself, “I quit drinking yesterday, but tonight I celebrate my comeback!” With this release, Looney Mack invites listeners to experience the essence of the West Coast, embodying the spirit of celebration and the vibrant culture that defines his music. As he hints at future notable gigs, festivals, and more, Looney Mack’s journey in the music scene is poised for an exciting trajectory, and “Pouring up Like Ireland” marks just the beginning.

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