VAVA QUAIL’s “Beloved Ashes” Unveils a Sonic Odyssey

Dennis Große-Plankermann, the creative force behind Vava Quail, has gifted the music scene with a soul-stirring debut album, “Beloved Ashes.” Dropping on December 8, 2023, this collection of eight intricate compositions showcases a sonic odyssey that transcends conventional genre boundaries, seamlessly blending Alt-Folk, Alt-Pop, Chamber Pop, and Singer-Songwriter elements. Große-Plankermann’s craftsmanship is evident in every note, creating a sonic tapestry of emotional depth, uniqueness, and originality.


Beloved Ashes” The eponymous track serves as the emotional anchor of the album, capturing the essence of alienation and transformation. Große-Plankermann’s poignant lyrics, accompanied by the gentle caress of the piano, unfold like a poignant narrative. The song masterfully weaves through memories and dreams, painting a vivid picture of self-discovery amidst familiar yet unfamiliar landscapes. “Hold On! I’m On The Sea!“: In this hauntingly beautiful track, the artist delves into clandestine love and the haunting specter of mortality. The imagery of secret cellar meetings, marching bands, and a wooden bird tragically shot down creates a cinematic experience. The emotional intensity rises with each note, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

A River I Know“: The album takes an introspective turn with this composition, offering a melodic reflection on life’s journey. The grand-piano takes center stage, accompanied by multi-layered choirs that add a celestial quality to the music. Große-Plankermann skillfully explores the complexities of memory and identity, inviting listeners into a contemplative space. “Beloved Ashes” is more than an album; it’s an exploration of the human experience through sound. Vava Quail’s ability to craft music that resonates on both an emotional and intellectual level marks a promising debut. Each track on this album is a chapter in a larger narrative, inviting listeners to embark on a deeply personal journey alongside the artist.

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