“Evol Walks” Redefines Classic with Ethereal “Pet Sematary” Cover

In a spellbinding departure from their trademark heavy rock ethos, Evol Walks, fronted by the dynamic vocalist Leah Martin-Brown, introduces an entrancing cover of the Ramones’ timeless anthem, “Pet Sematary.” Unveiled as the second single from their upcoming Acoustic EP, slated for release on January 3rd, 2024, this rendition is a haunting metamorphosis that delves into the soul of the original. Evol Walks, celebrated for their vigorous riffs and pulsating melodies, embraces a profound shift with this acoustic/goth-inspired adaptation. Leah Martin-Brown, an Australian-born singer/songwriter synonymous with her commanding stage presence, surprises fans by revealing a nuanced dimension of her musical prowess through this transformative project.


“Pet Sematary” emerges not merely as a cover but as a soul-stirring interpretation. Leah’s evocative vocals intertwine seamlessly with the mournful strains of Jasmine Crowe’s violin, creating a poignant experience that transcends the original’s upbeat spirit. The decision to reimagine this Ramones classic was spurred by a desire to explore the song’s serious lyrics within a mournful, ethereal soundscape. This single offers a tantalizing preview of Evol Walks’ impending Acoustic EP, promising a diverse tapestry of sounds and emotions. The project not only underscores Leah’s versatility but also showcases the band’s ability to traverse various musical terrains, delivering an intimate and introspective acoustic narrative.

As Leah Martin-Brown and Evol Walks embark on this unexpected musical odyssey, “Pet Sematary” becomes more than a cover; it transforms into a hauntingly beautiful narrative that invites listeners into an alternate realm of Evol Walks’ artistry. This rendition pays homage to the Ramones’ legacy while carving out a unique space for itself, marking a poignant moment in the band’s evolution.

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