Unveiling “Hi James, my name is also James! Hail Satan!” – A Sonic Journey into London’s Dark Veins

In the realm of music, there exists an unspoken pact between the listener and the reviewer: the music must speak for itself. And it’s with this sentiment in mind that we delve into the enigmatic soundscape crafted by the march afternoons in their latest offering, “Hi James, my name is also James! Hail Satan!” Scheduled for release on October 1, 2023, this six-track record emerges from the depths of experimentation, poised to redefine genres and challenge preconceptions. The march afternoons, known for their audacious foray into anti-commercialism, resurface with an offering that demands attention.


At the heart of this release lies a strictly limited-edition cassette, a relic of the analog era, a testament to the enduring allure of tactile music. Limited to just 50 copies, each one carries the imprint of exclusivity, urging enthusiasts to claim their piece of this sonic artifact. Accompanying this auditory experience is a T-shirt, emblazoned with the record’s title in the handwriting of an anonymous artist whose mark adorns the annals of Biddle Bros in Clapton. A bag, painstakingly crafted from recycled materials, rounds out this collection, an emblem of the march afternoons’ commitment to sustainable artistry.

As for the music itself, labels prove futile in encapsulating its essence. Is it Tired Pop? Bedroom Doom? The march afternoons defy categorization, presenting a sonic odyssey that defies convention. “Hi James, my name is also James! Hail Satan!” resonates as a testament to the devil-may-care spirit of artistic expression. In an evocative ode to the inexorable passage of time in the heart of London, the march afternoons find solace in melancholy. Their sonic tapestries are poised to linger in the city’s alleyways, a haunting reminder of creative fervor. As they bid adieu to the metropolis, we’re left with a treasure trove of songs, awaiting discovery in the gloom-drenched corners of this unreal city.

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