Trojan Red, A Symphony of Emotion in ‘Under the Shooting Stars’

Trojan Red, the virtuoso of instrumental rock, launches his 2023 collection with a resounding bang in the form of ‘Under the Shooting Stars.’ This seven-track album ventures through a diverse range of sonic landscapes, marking a departure into fresh creative territory for the artist.

Trojan Red

‘Under the Shooting Stars’ is an album that draws its poignant and heart-wrenching inspiration from a profound personal loss. To grapple with the depths of grief, Trojan Red channeled his raw emotions into his music. His creative process was refreshingly uncomplicated; he let the music flow from his fingertips, layering each track in the comfort of his home studio. While primarily a solo endeavor, ‘Under the Shooting Stars’ exudes an almost palpable authenticity, narrating the aftermath of a loved one’s passing. It delves into the desperation and turmoil that surges through a family in such trying times, but also explores the path towards resilience in the wake of tragedy. It’s a bittersweet and poignant meditation on the nature of loss; an experience not to be missed.

Trojan Red’s journey into the realm of instrumental rock began with his roots as a drummer in the punk and metal scenes of his high school days. When boredom led him to pick up a guitar, a newfound passion ignited within him. With a diverse musical background and a rich palette of influences, Trojan Red embarked on a distinctive artistic odyssey that culminated in his debut album, “Waking the Destruction.” His stage name pays homage to the monumental legacy of ancient empires, reflecting a fusion of intimate, dramatic melodies with moments of sheer power and impact.

Inspired by the rallying cry of one of his greatest influences, We Came As Romans, who proclaimed, “We are the one true hope,” Trojan Red stepped out of his comfort zone to leave an indelible mark on the music world. With each release, he evolves his sound, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting the next chapter in his musical narrative.

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